Destiny Fox Kanno

Destiny Fox Kanno (Des-tuh-knee Foks Kah-no), going by she/her/they/them, is an Incluu Consultant whose work in Account Management, Product & Project Management, and Customer Service lends itself to various diverse projects at Incluu. Destiny is an avid civil rights and social justice advocate, who recently having published a guide on how to support Black people after the George Floyd shooting, continues to raise awareness about equity and inclusion causes and issues around the globe.

The spirit of Juneteenth is acknowledgement

Recognizing Juneteenth as a National Holiday is not a solution to ending racism. It’s a bandaid, a temporary fix to a wound at which we have given only a cursory triage. Gatekeeping humanity by only granting the privilege of it being recognized, is wrong. There lies the audacity of racism: to believe freedom can be taken and given at one’s will and without recourse.  Establishing Juneteenth as a federal holiday is an acknowledgement of slavery, which as an institution, has morphed appearances and changed tactics often in order to remain viable in today’s society. Juneteenth recognizes the subjugation of people …

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5 things Holding Organizations back from Transformative Change

At incluu, LLC, we create brave spaces for life. To some, this concept may sound dreamy, ambitious, and a little “millennial“, but our work in the diversity, equity, and inclusion space at the intersection of human, tech, and civil rights has continued to expose the pitfalls organizations face when they do not fully embrace and commit to their DEI initiatives.  The murder of George Floyd in May 2020 and the global Black Lives Matter protests that followed forced organizations to explore the concept of breaking down barriers in their peoples, practices, and products. In doing so, many sought and are …

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We Stand in Unity with Our Asian Allies

It has taken us some time to find the words to express our deep empathy, sympathy, and worry for Asian communities across the US. Acts of violence engendered by hate affects us all, so we did not want to comment until we ourselves were in a space where we could do so in a way that lifts the voices, struggles, and causes of our Asian allies. Incluu operates by educating and training folks to lead with curiosity and an open mind and heart; therefore, we strongly believe that education and learning on the perspectives of others is the best way …

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