From Invisibility to Radical Empathy

I am passionate about my work as a Product Inclusion Specialist, a profession where I build products that work for everybody, regardless of ability, gender, resources, culture, race, or class. I focus on building ethical products and processes that resist exploiting customers as merely transactional profit providers, because greed is the enemy of equal socioeconomic progress, and there is a middle: building equitably for both people and profits. As technology has exploded around us and demonstrated capabilities beyond our imagination, we’ve come to believe that building machines will relieve us of our own biases and shortcomings. Machines, we believe, won’t be flawed the way we are. […]

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We Stand in Unity with Our Asian Allies

It has taken us some time to find the words to express our deep empathy, sympathy, and worry for Asian communities across the US. Acts of violence engendered by hate affects us all, so we did not want to comment until we ourselves were in a space where we could do so in a way that lifts the voices, struggles, and causes of our Asian allies. Incluu operates by educating and training folks to lead with curiosity and an open mind and heart; therefore, we strongly believe that education and learning on the perspectives of others is the best way

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