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incluu partners with individuals, organizations and thought leaders who are ready for transformative change in their practices, people and products.

About Us

Founded in August 2020, incluu is a Black-woman-owned consultancy whose mission is to educate and empower individuals, groups, and communities to be more curious and intentional in inclusive design in their products and processes. We believe that the path forward to building better for all starts with looking at the invisible and fringe people, perspectives, and perceived obstacles, and thoughtfully incorporating these pieces into all goals.

Our work focuses on executives and team leaders facing internal challenges of high attrition rates, difficulty hiring and retaining talent, and not fully living out their diversity, equity, and inclusion commitments. Externally, they see negative customer feedback and sentiment analysis, loss of consumer trust and brand respect, and decreased revenue.

Our Work

Our clients are organizations seeking to build long-term, trust-based relationships with users. They want to grow their base of advocates and evangelists, secure their status as thought leaders, and create real staying power for their brand. Together, we build:

  • better products; 
  • diversified product offerings;
  • inclusive design strategies that increase revenue; 
  • transformative hiring, retention, and collaboration practices; 
  • accountability measures for strategies, roadmaps, and practices;
  • strategies for sustainable global expansion; 
  • lasting customer partnerships;
  • a target user base with fewer edge use cases;
  • racial literacy and lived commitments to diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility.

Meet the Team

Dr. Dédé Tetsubayashi


Dédé works on problems at the intersection of DEI + ethics in product, spanning human-centered design, responsible innovation, and business value.

Destiny Fox Kanno


Destiny is passionate about civil rights, DEI, and radical leadership. She uses her technical and social-anthropological background to navigate challenges in tech.

Kristina Brooke Daniele


A life-long learner and lover of technology, Kristina uses her passion for writing and education to encourage the discussion of difficult topics.

Orhagha Sido


Driven by his growth mindset, along with business and data, Orhagha strives to identify how data can be of value in making critical business decisions.

Our Partners

Logo featuring "Burke's" and the phrase "Educate, Encourage, & Empower Girls" in Green type for the Katherine Delmar Burke School in California.
Logo with two yellow squares, a smaller dark blue square, and a larger dark blue square and person icon. The company name SIGNIFYD is spelled out in all capitals, the fist three letters are yellow and the next 5 are blue.
Logo for our partner Leverage to Lead with the tag line that reads, "making the invisible visible. The logo is in Black lettering with a blue stylized circle.
Logo for Understory.Coop with features a tree-like image of a squid in gradients of greenish blue.

Organizations we have partnered with

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